Expert Solar Energy Design Solutions for Your Needs

Zero noise, zero fuel, heat insulation, high safety

In the face of global climate change and the deteriorating environment, environmental protection and energy conservation have become even more indispensable in Taiwan, which has limited natural resources.

In recent years, the government has successively promoted solar green roof, sustainable energy policies, green energy industry rising plans, and renewable energy development regulations, all in the hope of developing the green energy industry and building a low-carbon homeland.

In response to the government's renewable energy policy promotion, we chose solar power generation system.

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Whether it is a leasing or self-owned investment type, the solar energy design and planning process from the installation of solar energy to the application documents is time-consuming and cumbersome. It takes nearly 10 months. Our company has a professional team to assist with the application process.

solar energy design planning
First, the site must be surveyed to assess whether the building structure and factory buildings are suitable for the application for installing solar energy systems, and whether they can achieve the effect of solar green roof. Then professional electrical technicians will design the drawings, and professional structural technicians will conduct precise calculations and simulations (including static load, seismic force analysis, wind force calculation) to ensure the structural safety of the building. During construction, the construction will be carried out according to the drawings and designs to ensure the quality of the project.
A professional construction team will build your solar system for you. Including roof renovation of your own roof/factory building/farm animal house, structural strengthening measures, waterproofing and drainage facilities, and covering of electrical and mechanical wiring. We use internationally certified products, inspected materials and parts, professional instrument measurement, real-time monitoring system, aerial photography, and on-site supervision to ensure the quality of construction at the project site. Each case site is insured with engineering and equipment insurance, giving you peace of mind.
maintenance operation
Daily power generation data monitoring
Immediate system exception notification
System troubleshooting within 48 hours
Module cleaning every 6 months
Power plant inspection and maintenance every 6 months